Simulator Subscription: Grow Your Value

We promise to predict and respond to industry change, supporting our customers so our products will always be the most relevant, state-of-the-art solutions on the market.

More than a one-time static investment, Serious Labs’ simulator subscription is your annual all-access pass to evolving content. With an active subscription, you’ll continue to grow your simulator’s value with new updates and upgrades, content releases, and pre-emptive maintenance.

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Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

1Customer’s MEWP Simulator arrives

Step 1 - Subscription MEWP Simulator

2Introduction to dedicated CS success member or specialist

Step 2 - Introduction to Customer Service Success Member

3Portal access and introduction

Step 3 - Subscription Portal Access

4In-person training for product use

Step 4 - Subscription In Person Training

5Discovery for customized support plan

Step 5 - Subscription Discover Customized Support Plan

Serious Labs’ Subscription model consists of two main parts:

  1. The Continuous Product Innovation provided by our development teams, offering new features, updates, upgrades, and content.
  2. The Customer Care team that provides hands-on product support to maximize the value of your simulator training.


Starting on the right foot is important. We want you to feel confident from the get-go.

  • Onboarding to get you up and running
  • Integration strategy to find the best ways to use the simulator
  • Q&A so you feel comfortable taking over


We won’t leave you to sink or swim or your own. Our team will ensure you’re getting the most out of your training.

  • Continued support through our customer knowledge base, offering tips, tricks, and tutorials, accessible anytime
  • Re-evaluating needs and strategizing optimal use –through report analyses, utilization statistics, and your feedback
  • Check-ins and preventative maintenance to ensure your training runs smoothly


Something go sideways or experiencing technical difficulties? As part of your active subscription, we’ve got your back if you need us.

  • Technical support for bug fixes and patches
  • Onsite repairs and maintenance
  • Ongoing delivery of updates, upgrades, and new content

Do you have a Serious Labs Subscription? Supported by our Serious Care team, it has everything you need to deliver the quality training your workers deserve.

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