Developed in partnership with Industrial Training International (ITI), the ITI VR Crane Simulator is the most comprehensive and widely used VR crane training system in the world.

The ITI VR Crane Simulator can be used on any desktop for a convenient and cost-effective training experience or use the motion base component for an even more realistic crane cab experience complete with responsive foot pedals and simulated motion feedback.


Customizable courses offer hundreds of scenarios for each crane type, including scenarios designed to help operators prepare for NCCCO Practical Examinations and general screening and qualification assessment.

Assess and remediate operators with over 1000 scenarios for the following crane types:

  • Carry Deck
  • Boom Truck
  • Overhead Crane — Cab or Remote Operated
  • Tower Crane
  • Rough Terrain Crane
  • RT 400 Crane
  • Heavy Crawler Crane (In development)
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Training plans cover a full gamut of basic and advanced operations and objectives such as:

  • Crane setup including outrigger deployment, boom setup, leveling, and LMI programming
  • Pre-lift assessments
  • Load handling with a multitude of load types, weights, and objectives
  • Signal person commands
  • Emergency operating procedures for everything from equipment malfunctions and communication failures to hazardous environments and weather variables
  • Proper load securement and shut down procedures

Thanks to consultation and feedback from global industry leaders Bechtel, Mammoet, Nucor and more, no other technology comes close to offering the training experience made possible with the ITI VR Crane Simulator.

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