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When it comes to aircraft maintenance, there is no room for error. As operators use MEWPs to perform safety checks, service, and repairs, they must be extremely precise to avoid a costly aircraft strike. 

With over 20 task-based scenarios focused specifically on operating near aircraft, the MEWP VR Simulator can assess skill levels, identify skill gaps, and build operator confidence all in risk-free VR. 

Virtual Reality, Real Benefits

Reduce aircraft MRO incidents with the world’s best simulation training

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) bring speed and convenience when manoeuvring around aircraft during maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). MRO engineers are highly skilled at what they do – but operating a boom or scissor lift MEWP isn’t one of their core competencies. As a result, inexperience and human error frequently lead to MEWPs striking aircraft, costing millions of dollars in repairs and downtime.

How can aerospace companies keep their assets safe? The award-winning MEWP VR Simulator from Serious Industrial Motion Simulations (SIMS) is the world’s leading tool for building advanced MEWP skills, reducing your incident rate, and safeguarding your aircraft. With real-world machine controls and realistic motion, it assesses and upskills operators to increase safety and productivity.

The SIMS MEWP VR Simulator offers more than 20 scenarios focused specifically on MRO operations. With dedicated support from the SIMs team, it’s a turnkey addition to your training program to keep incidents and costs down. And the best part? Preventing a single MEWP strike will typically pay for your simulator costs many times over.

We have been utilising the SIMS MEWP VR Simulator as part of our lift training program for several years. Since using the VR simulator as a training aid, we have increased staff competency and drastically reduced incidents involving lifts.

Amy Keryluik, Manager
IMP Academy, Cascade Aerospace

Understand and improve your workforce’s proficiency

In a 30-minute assessment, each operator receives a proficiency score out of 100 from the simulator based on their efficiency and safety. The simulator is 97% predictive of operator behaviours and risks in the real world. Here’s how 130+ operators performed on the simulator in one SIMS case study:

In as little as 45 minutes, the simulator can upskill a low-proficiency operator to high proficiency levels.
The result? Low-hanging fruit for incident and cost-reduction!

In as little as 45 minutes, the simulator can upskill a low-proficiency operator to high proficiency levels.
The result? Low-hanging fruit for incident and cost-reduction!

Assess and upskill new and returning operators
A 30-minute assessment will help you understand a new operator’s proficiency, or tell you if a current operator is rusty and needs additional practice before getting on a MEWP. The simulator automatically provides customised recommendations to help each operator improve.

Refresh operators’ skills regularly
A single MEWP VR simulator can provide quarterly refresher training for over 250 MRO engineers, keeping their skills sharp while increasing their overall proficiency. Used as part of a consistent training program, customer experiences prove that this reduces incidents and costs.

Practice challenging maneuvers in a safe environment
Some MRO MEWP maneuvers are harder than others, and operators may not perform them as often. The MEWP VR Simulator enables operators to rehearse them with a high degree of realism before attempting them – and all without any risks to personnel or equipment.

How can our simulators help make your workplace safer and more efficient? Our friendly team will work to understand your needs and create a package that brings this groundbreaking technology to you at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more and set up a virtual demo.